Here’s what you need to know about the Australian wine industry.

    What’s a wine?

    It’s a beverage made up of grapes, fruits and other ingredients, with the wine usually containing the same level of alcohol as a normal glass of red wine.

    In some countries, such as Britain, Italy and France, the term ‘wine’ refers to a single type of beer, while in other countries, like Spain and Portugal, the word wine is used to refer to a range of styles of wine.

    However, in Australia, there are different types of wine: a ‘classical’ wine, which has more alcohol than other types, and a ‘barrel-aged’ wine.

    Classical wines include the white, red and white-wine varieties.

    Classically, a standard-quality wine has a higher alcohol content, and the alcohol content varies from region to region.

    In some regions, the alcohol is around 15 per cent, while the alcohol of standard-strength wines is around 10 per cent.

    Barrel-aging wines have the alcohol level of a standard beer, but are more likely to be aged in oak barrels and typically require a higher percentage of alcohol than standard-grade wines.

    Barrier-aged wines, such for example from the United States, are typically more heavily fortified with vitamins, and are typically aged for longer than standard wines.

    The Australian Classification Board (ACB) classifies wine as follows:Classical: A wine that has more than 14 per cent alcohol, and is bottled at a standard wine-making level.

    Classics include the wine of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

    Barreled: A style of wine which has less than 14.5 per cent of alcohol.

    Barriers are a process in which wines are bottled at standard wine production levels, and aged for a longer period of time.

    In addition to the different types and classifications of wine, there’s also a range in how Australian wines are marketed.

    In Australia, the majority of wines sold are sold in supermarkets, with wine sold at supermarkets being the most popular, followed by grocery stores, liquor stores, wine shops and other retail outlets.

    While the ACB classifies wines by alcohol content (ACBS: ACBS) and colour, there is no definition for the colour of the wine.

    It’s the colour that people tend to focus on when looking at wine, so it can be difficult to determine what colour a wine is.

    While there are several types of Australian wines, a few are available in supermarkets.

    These are usually red wines, with a white wine, a red-wine and an oloroso (a blend of red, white and oloro).

    Other wines are sold as premium or luxury wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernets Sauvins and Chardonnay.


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