The new fruit beer from Blue Bell in Australia, Vitamin C, has become a novelty in the US, after being named by a judge as one of the most successful “toy” beers of 2016.

    “Vitamin C” is a non-alcoholic drink made from grapes, apples and dates.

    The name is a reference to the fact that fruit is the key ingredient.

    The drink is popular in the UK and US, where the beverage is popular among children and adults.

    “It’s not just for kids, it’s a really cool beverage for adults too,” said Chris Johnson, president of Blue Bell Australia.

    “Kids love to have a good pint of this drink, and adults love to drink it too.”

    He said Blue Bell had been inundated with requests for Vitamin C. “I’m not surprised that people are loving this beer,” he said.

    The new product, which sells for $3.49 in Australia and $5.49 US, has won the “toys” category at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

    Blue Bell has been marketing Vitamin C with a catchy slogan that “pours like water”.

    In Australia, the beverage has a sweetened drink that tastes like fruit juice, and is made from dried blueberries.

    “When we put the blueberries in the fruit beer and the alcohol in the beer it just feels like it’s going to pop out and hit you,” Johnson said.

    The drink can be enjoyed in bars, pubs and restaurants. “

    People are really into it.”

    The drink can be enjoyed in bars, pubs and restaurants.

    “They like it because it’s fruity and they don’t have to worry about the sugar levels, so it’s really popular,” Johnson added.

    “If it was made from fruit, people would say it tastes like juice, which is nice.

    It’s also a good alternative to sugar-free energy drinks.”

    Johnson said the new product had a unique twist to it.

    “The blueberries are actually used in the drink itself, so you can make a fruit beer without it having a lot of sugar and the drink is a really sweet, fruity beer,” Johnson explained.

    “You can have it for kids or adults who don’t drink beer.

    You can drink it in the summer too.”

    Blue Bell is a part of the company that owns Red Bull and Red Bull Super Saver, which also make Vitamin C drinks.


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