Dubliner’s are used to finding fruit on the streets, and the city’s famous banana stand may have had its fair share of fruit over the years.

    But the fruit’s most notable appearance in Dublin was in the late 1980s, when a banana farm in the north of the city was shut down by gardaí because of the strain of the fungus.

    The story is told in this week’s RTE feature story, “The Weird Fruit of Dublin”.

    The banana was brought to the Irish Farmers’ Market by a farmer, who decided to keep the fruit alive to sell to local residents.

    But when garda garda Gary O’Malley found the fruit in the Market, he was amazed by the appearance of the banana.

    “There was something weird in there, something almost alien,” he told RTE’s Breakfast podcast.

    “It was a yellowish yellow, and it was very large, it was bigger than the banana itself.

    It was very heavy.”

    So I had no idea what to do with it, I thought, this is not bananas, it’s some sort of fruit.

    “The banana farmer who brought the fruit to the Market said that the banana was picked as a part of a series of bananas that would be sold to local businesses and residents in the area.

    The banana that was picked was a dark yellow, so it was hard to identify, O’Meara said.”

    But there was this thing that had a very weird, alien shape, and I picked it and it just sort of fell into my hands,” he said.

    The farmer says that he picked the banana in the middle of the night on the day the market opened, and that he had no other bananas to sell, so he had to hand it to the garda.”

    I handed it to him and he went, ‘what’s that?’ and I said ‘a banana’,” he said, adding that he gave the banana to the Garda because he was worried about what the gardai might find.”

    They were looking for the source of the problem and I was just hoping that they might find something that would help them out,” he continued.”

    And the gardar gave me a big, huge banana and I told him, ‘that’s a banana’,” O’Brien said.

    A banana farmer says he picked up a banana on a street in Dublin, but its appearance wasn’t as strange as it seems.

    Photo: RTE/Rachael ConnollyDubliner Joe O’Connor said he had picked a banana from a street on Dublin’s east side, just across the river from the city centre.”

    On the street there was an empty supermarket there and the gardan said, ‘you can’t sell this to me, we’ve got bananas on the shelves’,” he told the RTE Breakfast podcast, adding: “I was thinking to myself, ‘well, I’ve got to sell it, this will help me out’.

    “But O’Connolly said that he was in disbelief when he opened the box of bananas.”

    When I opened it, there was a strange yellowish colour, I was like ‘that doesn’t look like bananas at all, I think that’s an alien fruit’,” he added.”

    As soon as I got home I took it to my garden and I put it in my garden to see what would happen.

    “Dublin has one of the largest banana fields in the world, producing more than 100,000 kilograms of bananas every year.

    According to the Dublin Farmers’ Association, there are more than 50,000 tonnes of bananas in the city every year, and farmers say that there are often more than two tonnes of a particular variety grown each year.

    O’Connelly said that while the banana’s appearance was unusual, the fact that the gardáí didn’t find it suspicious was the biggest surprise of all.”

    The thing that I think is odd is that we know that bananas can be a problem, so they should have been very suspicious, but they didn’t see anything suspicious,” he explained.

    The garda said that it was only a matter of time before a strange, strange banana would be spotted in Dublin’s streets, but O’ Connolly was still a bit concerned about what it might contain.”

    A banana in Dublin is a banana, but the people who are making these products have to think that what they’re doing is right, and there are other things going on that might have happened that would explain that,” he admitted.


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