India’s mango industry is turning into a major cash crop.

    The mangoes are being harvested in the capital, New Delhi, and exported to other parts of the world for consumption.

    The crop has been in decline in the past few decades, with production halving in recent years, but India is now exporting almost 80% of its mangoes.

    This has sparked a lot of speculation about what’s behind the decline.

    India’s chief of the mango trade department, Naseem, told Al Jazeera the decline was due to poor marketing, a lack of investment and the introduction of the so-called “super mango” in 2015.

    “Mango is a fruit that we eat.

    People in India are hungry for mangoes and they want to buy them,” he said.

    “It’s a very special fruit that has a lot to offer.”

    This has led to demand for the fruit being boosted by a new kind of “super-fruit” made from a new breed of genetically engineered mango that has been developed in India.

    It’s the first super-fruit to be produced in India, and it was made available in the US for the first time on Friday.

    The super-fruits are made from the genetic material of a different type of mango, called the “super” mango, that has already been used in other countries for several years.

    But the new one is a genetically modified hybrid, which means it has the ability to withstand the extreme conditions of the tropics.

    The new super-mango, which has been made available for sale in the United States on Friday, is a super-bulk fruit that weighs 3,500 kg and contains more than 1.2 billion seeds.

    Its market value has reached $1 billion.

    This new super mango is a new type of super-banana.

    Al Jazeera’s Yash Raja reported from New Delhi.


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