The holiday season is finally here, and it’s bringing with it an avalanche of changes.

    Farmers and ranchers across the country are taking advantage of the time to invest in their land, and their staffs are on the front lines.

    In some cases, they’re also spending more time on the job.

    But for many workers, the holidays mean little in the way of extra time with family and friends.

    The Hill spoke with the head of an Arizona poultry operations who has been working on a farm for 10 years and was able to spend time with his family.

    He explained how he was able take the time off and said the experience helped him grow as a person.

    “I realized that I was in control of my time and my family,” he said.

    And then she goes home to the house, and we have a nice little family life.””

    Now I just go home, I go to work, and my wife goes to work and I’m happy.

    And then she goes home to the house, and we have a nice little family life.”


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