A banana peel can contain a banana bomb, according to researchers who have discovered a way to kill the dangerous fruit.

    The study was carried out by researchers at the University of New South Wales and has found that banana leaves can be damaged by banana peel chemicals that are present in some fruits, but which are not harmful to humans.

    Professor Simon Breen, from the School of Life Sciences, said the study demonstrated that the banana peel, the fruit itself and the fruit chemicals all pose a risk to the health of humans.

    “Banana peels can have a lot of chemical components in them, some of which can be toxic to humans,” Professor Breen said.

    “There are different types of chemicals that come with the peel, but some of them can be more toxic to people than others.”

    One of the things we found is that in a lot more common fruits, the chemical components are more toxic than they are to humans, but in other fruits, like bananas, there’s no evidence that those chemicals are harmful to people.

    “Professor Breen’s team studied fruit from the banana plant from which the banana is produced, and used a chemical called ethylene glycol (a byproduct of the fermentation of the banana) as a marker for the presence of the chemical.”

    Ethylene glyCOL is a compound that is present in the banana leaves, so it’s in the fruits that we found that the chemical was present in a large number of bananas,” Professor Cavanagh said.

    The chemical is found in banana leaves in concentrations that were 10 times higher than in fruit.

    Professor Brew said while the chemicals were not harmful in humans, it was highly unlikely that humans would ingest the chemicals and become ill.”

    I think we would probably have to get a banana peeled by someone who wasn’t very familiar with the banana,” Professor Koeberlein said.

    A warning on banana peelsThe study found that a banana that was peeled before being eaten could be contaminated with the chemical ethylene Glycol, which is harmful to human health.”

    Professor Koeborg said that the study was not meant to cause panic, but was more of a guide for consumers to make informed choices about the safety of food and fruit.””

    But they weren’t all toxic.”

    Professor Koeborg said that the study was not meant to cause panic, but was more of a guide for consumers to make informed choices about the safety of food and fruit.

    “If we can prevent these chemicals from getting into our food supply, then it would be good,” he said.

    Professor Koesberlein, who was not involved in the study, said he was disappointed that researchers did not look at the banana itself.

    “We think it’s a very good study that has been done, but it could have been done better,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

    “A lot of fruit is contaminated with other chemicals, which could have caused some serious problems in the future, and that’s a problem.”

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