There are plenty of things to enjoy on the Thanksgiving holiday, but what about the fruit and veggie puns?

    There’s a new fruit pun in town, and it’s an edible fruit pun.

    The puns are made up of fruit puns that have already been used to describe various fruits, berries, veggies and other foods.

    The puns can be found on and on the popular pun-sharing site Puns by the Numbers.

    Here are a few of the most popular fruit pun: The Apple pun is used to mock the Apple, the apple’s apple, apple pie, apple, and apple pie puns.

    Nomad puns refer to people who travel across a country, and they are often used to call out the country or people in that country for being a bit lazy or not taking the time to plan.

    Punters often create their own puns with words or phrases that are related to their target country.

    For example, one popular pun involves the word “monday” being replaced with “march.”


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