By the time the fruit bats make their way into the backyard, the weather has begun to warm and the bugs have begun to arrive.

    But if you’re fortunate enough to live in the Northern Hemisphere, you may already have the perfect combination of bugs to keep them at bay.

    The fruits in the backyard will have been harvested and the fruit is ripe.

    You’ll be able to see them right on your balcony.

    And with plenty of free space on your backyard patio, you can start getting fruit bats.1.

    Harvest your fruit.2.

    Put the fruits in a container.3.

    Place them in a covered bowl and let them sit for about five minutes to allow for fruit bat movement.

    The bats will eat the fruit and then return to their natural feeding habits.4.

    When fruit bats are ready, you’ll have a variety of insects ready to eat, including fruit bats, fruit flies, and fruit pizza.5.

    You can start with a variety.

    You might want to start with small fruit, like pineapple, apples, or melons.

    If you prefer larger fruits, such as banana, pineapple, or mangoes, try making your own fruit bats from your favorite fruit.6.

    As fruit bats start to grow, you should harvest them in the fall or winter and store them until spring.7.

    They’ll keep your patio clean and ready for winter.


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