Fruit infused water is a drink that has been used to make wine and cocktails for a long time, but in recent years, the fruit wine market has exploded.

    The company that invented this beverage, Fruit Vine, announced a deal to sell its wine-infused water at an $8 million valuation earlier this year.

    Fruit infused wine is also being sold at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in New York.

    “We are very excited to be launching our fruit infused beverage in a New York City location,” Fruit Vine CEO and founder Jason Daley said in a statement.

    “The popularity of this beverage is due to its unique blend of fruit and citrus, and our passion to give people a fresh, delicious alternative to the traditional American beverage.”

    Fruit infused is a type of fruit wine that has a concentrated amount of sugar in the juice and vinegar.

    It is generally made with sugar and water, with the fruit juice added after the vinegar has been extracted.

    The product is a lot like regular wine, but with fruit.

    “This is a beverage that has the unique flavor of our fruit and wine and has a very strong flavor profile,” Daley told HuffPost.

    “It’s also very drinkable.”

    Fruit juice has been around for years, and it has a similar taste to grape juice, but it has no fruit.

    It’s usually made from grapes or watermelons, which is why Fruit Vine calls it a grape infused water.

    “Our goal with our fruit juice is to bring the flavors of fruit to people,” Dallys said.

    The beverage will be available in stores starting on April 13, but the company is planning a distribution launch at Trader Joe.

    In addition to the $8,000 valuation, Daley also noted that the company has been working with Whole Foods to develop a distribution channel for Fruit Vine.

    Daley and his company have already signed a deal with Whole Food to sell Fruit Vine wine.

    It will be sold in grocery stores, at Whole Food markets, and online.

    The wine is available at Whole Grocers in the U.S. and in stores in Mexico and Canada.

    The Wine Institute of America defines fruit infused as a type with a concentrated concentration of sugar and vinegar, and says it has been widely used in restaurants and other dining establishments in the United States for at least a decade.

    Daly said Fruit Vine’s wine is a very drinker.

    “If you like a wine with a lot of grape juice and no fruit, this is for you,” Daly told HuffPost in an email.

    “I hope that other wine producers are following this example and trying to use their fruit infused products to provide consumers with an alternative to traditional American beverages.”

    Daley added that Fruit Vine is already working on a “further expansion” of the product, adding that he hopes to have it in store by the end of the year.


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