Here’s how to kill one of the world’s most common pests with an insecticide.

    Read MoreThis week, we’re looking at how to remove fruit fly traps in your home and your garden.

    Fruit fly traps are typically found on fruit trees and in vegetable gardens, where they can be introduced from people who are too careless to take them seriously.

    In the case of fruit fly trays, these traps are usually placed in a room with little ventilation, often under the shade of a large tree or plant.

    A hole in the ceiling can then be left open to allow insects to enter.

    Fruit flies are not the only pests to eat fruit, but they are the most common and cause the most damage to the environment.

    Fruit bats are an even bigger threat, but fruit fly baits are much less common.

    Fruit fly traps have become quite popular in recent years, especially in gardens, and they are very easy to remove, too.

    We’re here to show you how to make a fruit fly bait kit, and then take you through the process of setting it up.

    Once you have your trap, you’ll need to place it in the ground or garden.

    A small plastic container is ideal, as it will hold the traps and help prevent any accidental damage to your fruit.

    In this article, we’ll explain how to set up your trap.

    What’s a fruit trap?

    A fruit trap is a plastic container with holes in it.

    The bait will trap fruit flies in it, and can then float down the drain.

    They can be placed in the garden, under the trees, in a hole or other opening, or even inside a plastic bag or container.

    Fruit traps can also be placed inside your house, or under a door.

    Once the traps have been set up, you will need to put them inside the container.

    Once the fruit flies are trapped, the trap will close and the fruit will die.

    How do I set up a fruit bait kit?

    You will need a plastic trap.

    Place a small plastic box with holes cut in it in a corner of your garden or garden shed, or just in your kitchen, and put it inside your trap to make it easier to set it up and remove it once you’ve removed it.

    You can put it in your fridge or freezer, or you can even place it inside a jar of water, but it doesn’t have to be.

    We recommend using a metal or glass trap, since this will help to trap the fruit better.

    To set up the trap, make sure you have the appropriate tool, such as a spoon, a knife, or a hammer.

    Then, put the bait inside the trap and set the lid.

    Once set, you can open the lid to let the fruit fly free.

    Once your trap is set up correctly, the fruit bait will float down to the ground, where it will be eaten by the fruit bat.

    You can then remove the trap by carefully removing the fruit and placing it on the ground where it’s safe to do so.

    Once it’s safely removed, the trapped fruit will float to the top of the trap.

    Once fruit fly pests are trapped and dead, they can then fall off the trap when the fruit falls down.

    The fruit is usually found in the soil, in the air, or on the bottom of the fruit, where the fruit can become trapped and fall into the trap instead of falling down.


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