I am an apple picker.

    I have a penchant for making applesauce.

    It’s an easy thing to do, a joy to make.

    But sometimes I can’t decide which fruit is best to serve with my bowl of apple salad.

    It is not always the same fruit.

    The applesauces I like best, though, are those with an apple flavor.

    I find them sweet, and their crispness adds depth and character to the dish.

    I prefer a pear, apple, and pear salad.

    The pear and apple varieties are also easier to make, but I find they don’t taste as good.

    So I will take a different approach.

    I want a bowl that will satisfy both of my needs, but it’s not just one bowl.

    I am also a fan of salads that are light, fresh, and full of fresh ingredients.

    This is where the bowls come in.

    When you buy a bowl, you are buying an ingredient, not just a bowl.

    You are buying the flavor of the fruit.

    These bowls are made from a variety of ingredients that make up the apple, pear, pear salad, and applesauced salad.

    For those who enjoy salads, I also offer recipes for a few of the popular apple, plum, peach, and plum salad dishes.

    These include a simple apple and pear, and a simple plum and pear.

    I also have a recipe for an apple salad bowl, a lemon and pear bowl, and an apple and plum bowl.

    There are a few other dishes you can make, too.

    These are just a few ideas I have come up with to make bowls for myself, as well as to make for the table at home.

    I hope you enjoy making apple, apple-apple, pear and pear bowls.

    I encourage you to try these bowls as well, and if you find they work for you, I am happy to share them with you.

    You can purchase the bowls from The American Cookbook.

    To order a copy of The American Cicerone, visit the publisher’s website.

    You will also find an easy-to-use digital copy of this book.


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