In Mexico, “prickle juice” is the name of a dessert made of a sweetened syrup and a dollop of fruit.

    The fruit is usually fresh, but it can be picked and squeezed to get a sweet, crunchy taste.

    The dessert is usually made with fresh fruit, and a variety of flavors, from pineapple, lemon and mango to coconut and mango.

    It is usually served at lunchtime.

    In Mexico there is also a dessert called a “mexico fruit cup,” a dessert with a dollip of fresh mango, coconut, lemon, and mango, as well as a strawberry cup.

    “Prickles,” a name coined in Mexico to refer to the dessert, is often a derogatory term for Mexicans and refers to the Mexican government’s attempt to make the fruit and syrup less sweet, with the goal of promoting a more diverse diet.

    In a 2009 study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers at the National Institute of Health found that people in the northern region of Mexico, where the prickle juice is made, reported more positive attitudes toward the government, as opposed to people in other regions, where it was considered a form of corruption.

    According to the study, Mexican researchers who participated in a study on prickle fruit consumption reported that prickle-juice consumption is significantly correlated with the level of economic and social progress that a country has achieved, and that pricking a fruit reduces social inequality in a country by approximately 2 percent, while a country with a lower level of prickle consumption is 2.5 percent less equal than one with a higher level of consumption.

    Prickle fruit is often served with a variety in flavors, but typically has a sweet and tangy flavor.

    Some prickle fruits are also known as “pink” prickle, because they are green.


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