“I’ll take a slice of cake and dip it in the cream cheese and cream of tartar,” the former Miss Universe said.

    “I don’t know what I’d be like if I hadn’t been a vegan.

    I feel like a big fish.”

    She’s not alone.

    Vegan cheesecake is an ever-growing trend and the demand is rising fast.

    “There’s a lot of demand for vegan cheesecakes,” said Lauren, a 33-year-old model who’s been vegan for nearly two years.

    “They’re always on sale.

    People will come in to see the cakes and they’ll just be like, ‘I want a vegan cheeseburger.’

    People are so excited about it.

    It’s just such a beautiful trend.”

    The word “vegan” is a buzzword in vegan circles, but it’s often used in a pejorative manner.

    It can be interpreted as a way to disparage people who don’t eat animal products, but the reality is that people are eating vegan foods and are living a more healthful lifestyle.

    Lauren said that in the early days of veganism, she was taught to avoid dairy products because it was harmful to the environment.

    “It wasn’t a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

    “[Then] a vegan friend brought me some tofu.

    I started eating tofu, and it’s like, oh my God, I can’t believe you eat tofu!”

    It was a revelation for her.

    “After that, I started thinking about food a lot more.

    I had a lot to think about,” she added.

    “Veganism was really empowering for me.

    It was empowering for all of us.”

    As Lauren has been vegan, she said she’s become a better cook.

    She also believes that veganism has a huge impact on people’s lives.

    “My favorite word is ‘health,'” she said, referring to the word “health.”

    “I’ve seen so many people on the street and on Instagram that are literally dying and getting sick and dying.

    It makes me really proud to know that it’s not something that’s only a few people, it’s so much a part of the whole experience.”

    The vegan diet also makes people healthier overall.

    “When I eat vegan, I have less anxiety,” she explained.

    “If I eat a diet high in carbs, I feel really good.

    It has to do with the fact that I have more energy, which is a great feeling.”

    The health benefits of vegan diet, according to Lauren, are many.

    “You get the full benefit of the health benefits,” she continued.

    “And you can go vegan for longer, so you can do more of the things that you’re looking to do.

    You can do yoga, do meditation.

    You’ll feel so much better.”

    The Vegan Society of America recommends that people who want to start a vegan lifestyle, or who want the benefits of the diet without the risks, look to the following vegan guidelines: eat vegan for more than six months.

    “Don’t just eat meat,” said Dr. Lisa Miller, a vegan nutritionist and director of the Center for Plant-Based Nutrition at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

    “Be mindful of what you eat, where you’re eating it, and what you’re not eating.

    And make it a commitment to get more fruits and vegetables, and less meat.”

    Miller also said that while it’s best to limit meat consumption to the meat that’s raised in your backyard, vegans should eat the veggies and fruits that are grown locally.

    “We should also look to get some leafy greens,” she noted.

    “Get more fruits, more greens, more vegetables, less meat.

    There’s a really big difference between being vegan and being an animal-rights activist.”

    A recent study found that those who consume a vegan diet have lower levels of cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure, and blood sugar than those who are meat eaters.

    The researchers also found that the vegan diet is more than half as likely to help improve blood pressure.

    For some, it may not be an option.

    “A lot of people will go vegan because they don’t want to have a lot in their diet,” said Sarah, a 26-year old model.

    “But the more you eat a vegan, the more likely you are to have health problems and that’s definitely not good for you.”

    She said that she’s often tempted to eat meat because of the way it looks.

    “Like, ‘Oh, it looks nice.

    It looks good.’

    I have a soft spot for meat,” she told The Daily Beast.

    “Meat is disgusting.

    I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing.”

    She explained that she and her boyfriend also tend to eat a lot less meat than her peers because they’re trying to reduce their fat intake.

    “Not only are they trying to lose weight, but they’re also trying to look thinner,” Sarah said.

    When she’s not eating meat, Sarah said she enjoys baking cakes and cookies. “Cake is


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