— In a world of cheap, fast food and plastic cups, Dragon Fruit Cactus, or Dragon Fruit, may be the most versatile of all the tropical fruits.

    The tiny tree grows to 3 feet tall and weighs about three pounds.

    Its leaves are green and purple.

    Its stalks are green with a red patch.

    But what makes Dragon Fruit so unique is its ability to eat up the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and convert it into carbon dioxide gas.

    The gas can then be used to power the factories that produce the food.

    The green fruit has a long history of eating carbon dioxide.

    In the 1980s, it was the most popular of all fruit trees to be grown for food.

    Then in the late 1990s, demand for the plant increased and it began to decline.

    By the mid-2000s, the trees were considered a nuisance.

    So much so that the Florida Department of Agriculture removed them from the state’s endangered species list in 2007.

    The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Dragon Fruit now is in the process of being removed from the endangered species listing, and the Department of Environmental Protection is also studying the possibility of listing it as an invasive species, according to spokeswoman Melissa O’Connor.

    Dragon fruit has been in the state since the 1970s, but was declared officially endangered in 2010, according the Florida State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

    But many people think it’s too young to be on the endangered list, said Greg Sallenger, the Florida native who grew the trees.

    “It’s not a good name for it,” Sallengers told The Wall St. Journal.

    “I don’t think it is a real word that’s used.

    People think of it as something that you need to keep in the freezer because you’re going to need it for some reason in the future.”

    The USDA considers Dragon Fruit an invasive plant, meaning it poses a threat to native species.

    Dragon fruits are often used as a vegetable in the Caribbean and South America.

    Salllers said the plants are growing well in Florida, where the state produces about 2.7 million pounds of the plant each year.

    Dragon and its relatives can grow to 10 feet tall, but can grow only up to six feet high, the height at which they are eaten by most other native trees.

    That means they can be eaten by many animals, including deer, chickens and goats, according a report by the USDA.

    They also can be used in a variety of industrial processes, like in hydraulic fracturing.

    A few varieties of Dragon fruit can grow in the tropics, including the Spanish and Portuguese, and can be grown in many parts of the world.

    In California, for example, the state Department of Fish and Game recently listed the Dragon Fruit as an exotic species.

    But Sallenders said the trees are also used in the U.S. for some agricultural purposes, including in fertilizers and irrigation, in the construction industry and as part of the process for fertilizing cotton.

    In fact, there are more than 100 varieties of fruit trees in Florida that are edible, according an online catalog of dragon fruit species.

    The USDA lists the Dragon fruit as a “species of special concern,” meaning the plant is considered invasive.

    The Department of the Interior and Forest Service lists the trees as invasive.

    Dragon has long been a popular fruit, especially for people who enjoy eating it, according Eric Koehler, a senior scientist at the University of Georgia.

    “When I saw the Dragonfruit in my backyard, it just seemed like a cool, colorful, tasty thing,” Koehlers told The Associated Press.

    But in the last two decades, demand has dropped significantly.

    He said that the popularity of the fruit is due to its low price and its convenience.

    “They’re very cheap, but it’s a lot easier to cook with them than to eat,” Kiehlers said.

    The decline of the Dragon has been a boon to Florida, but not everyone is happy with it.

    “Dragon fruit is a wonderful plant and I have seen it in my yard a couple times a year,” said Tonia O’Dell, the owner of a Florida-based business that sells Dragon fruit.

    “The dragon fruit is an amazing plant.

    People should not be using this plant, but if you have a little taste, then it’s probably a good thing.”


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