Low calorie fruit and vegetable products such as fruits and carrots will hit store shelves in April, with the supermarket giant to make a splash on social media.

    A number of stores will be launching low calorie fruit bowls in the coming months, including a number of national chains including Aldi, Costco, PetSmart, Sainsbury’s, Coles and Kmart.

    These range from 1.5kg to 6kg, according to the Australian Low Carb Food Institute.

    Low calorie fruit also includes apple, apricot, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, pecan and blackberries.

    The company will also launch a low calorie juice bar, with a range of flavours including fruit juice, fruit salad and fruit smoothie.

    Kmart will also be offering a low carb dessert bar for a limited time, and a low-calorie cake bar for sale in stores.

    It is also set to launch a fruit and veg sandwich in April.

    Food safety concerns will be raised as it is an increasingly popular food, with over 40 per cent of Australians eating the fruit or vegetable once a week or more.

    There are currently around 11 million tonnes of low calorie foods in Australia, with more than half of them being consumed in the UK and Ireland, according the Low Carb Alliance.

    “Low calorie foods have been a staple of Australian diets for thousands of years, with traditional Australians being the first to realise that the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables were well worth the risk,” a spokesperson for Aldi said.

    “Aldi has been working closely with its customers to ensure they can enjoy a healthy diet with the variety of low-fat and high-protein options on offer.”

    With over 30 years of experience in Australia and the UK, we know how important it is to give our customers the choice and choice to make healthier food choices.

    “Aldo says it has developed a range that is 100 per cent low-carb, and 100 per cals of sugar.

    According to Aldi the low calorie bars are suitable for people who want a quick snack but are also looking for something to help with weight loss.”

    These low calorie beverages are a great way to give your body the energy to get through the day and make sure you don’t feel full all day,” a Aldi spokesperson said.

    For more low calorie products, check out the Australian diet guide.


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