A smoothie that tastes like fruit with strawberries is coming to the UK, but how does it work?

    Produced by the UK’s Department of Health, the Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (GVVA), and its flagship product, Clear Fruit Water, the fruit tart was created by a group of health professionals who wanted to share the fruits of their hard work and passion.

    This is an edited version of the BBC News story “What makes a good smoothie?”

    Produced in collaboration with the Department of Food, Drink and Rural Affairs (DFRA), Clear Fruit has been hailed as a success and a real-world test case for the future of food.

    The fruit tart is a simple fruit smoothie.

    The smoothie is topped with a strawberry fruit smoothies, and then the fruit is topped off with plain fruit water.

    The fruit is then served with a side of whipped cream and fruit jam.

    The smoothie was inspired by the experience of the fruit industry, says the GVA’s lead scientist, Dr Mark Williams.

    “It’s not just about the fruit,” he says.

    “You can use anything from a strawberry to a peach, and it’s all delicious.

    The key is you get the right balance between sweetness and acidity.”

    The smoothies taste like fruit, but they also have a nutritional profile that works with the fruit, which provides vitamins and minerals.

    “The more vitamins and nutrients you have in your diet, the better you will be able to tolerate the acidity in the fruit and the sweetness of the smoothie,” says Dr Williams.

    The GVA is now planning to distribute Clear Fruit to schools, as well as a small number of hospitals, as part of the Healthy Food Challenge, which aims to promote healthy eating, reduce obesity and improve physical and mental health.

    “We’ve seen an explosion in the consumption of fruit in the UK,” Dr Williams says.

    “But it’s only been around for so long.”

    The GVVA is also working with other organisations, including the British Heart Foundation and the British Council, to find new ways to use fruits and vegetables to reduce our impact on the environment and our health.

    For more information, visit the GVVVA website


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