The president of the United States has weighed in on a debate that has been raging since the beginning of the year about President Donald Trump’s use of the pumpkin as a symbol for the nation.

    “He’s not a big pumpkin.

    He’s not really a big plant.

    He loves the pumpkin,” Mr Trump said at a rally in South Carolina on Saturday.”

    He loves the fact that it’s a big fruit.

    He likes the fact it’s made from a very hard, tough plant, and that it doesn’t fall over.

    He has a good sense of taste, and he likes that,” Mr Johnson added.

    It was the first time the president of America has weighed into the debate, and it came after the president’s own team suggested he might not be comfortable with the use of a national symbol as a political metaphor.

    The president’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, suggested that Mr Trump might “want to just move on” to other subjects.

    “Maybe he’ll be OK with having a pumpkin or a pumpkin and a cherry or a cherry tree on his mantle, or maybe he’ll just be OK,” Ms Conway said on ABC’s This Week on Sunday.

    “I think he loves the thing, I think he’s really enjoying the fact he’s got a big thing,” she added.

    “And he loves what the pumpkin is all about.

    But he has a lot of different things that he loves.

    But he wants to just keep doing what he’s doing.”


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