President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Mexico would have to pay for the wall, a promise that will complicate a complicated negotiations with other nations to secure the border.

    In an interview with Fox News, Trump said he was working to secure $1 trillion in border security spending by the end of the decade, but that Mexico “is going to have to get involved in it.”

    “Mexico is going to need to get in, and I’ll tell you right now, Mexico’s going to get into it, because we’re going to make Mexico PAY for it.

    And they’re going a little bit under-counting the amount, but we’ll make it,” Trump said.

    Trump said Mexico will have to contribute money for the construction of a wall on the southern border with the U.S., and that the U-turn in Mexico is part of a larger shift toward cooperation.

    “They’re not going to pay us,” Trump told Fox.

    “We’re going take a very, very hard look at that.

    And I’ll make Mexico Pay.

    We’re going into negotiations with them.”

    Trump has repeatedly said he will not pay for his promised wall by Mexico, a position he has held since taking office in January.

    But he did promise to renegotiate NAFTA, a trade agreement that has become a major pillar of Trump’s agenda.

    He made that promise in a meeting with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto last week.

    The president said the U.-turn on the border will be temporary, and that it is “a good thing” Mexico will eventually pay for construction.

    Pena NEPEZ’s position on the wall was a source of controversy when it emerged in December, when he said he had no intention of spending money on a border wall.

    “It’s not a matter of whether we have to build it, it’s a matter that we have enough money,” he said.

    Mexico’s trade relationship with the United States is considered one of the most important in the world.

    It includes a $10 billion investment annually in the U, but Mexico has long complained about the lack of transparency in its dealings with the Trump administration.

    The U.N. has said Mexico must pay for border security as part of any negotiations to secure a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    Trump has said the wall is not part of the talks and said Mexico’s unwillingness to contribute will make the border difficult for the U to control.

    “What I’m saying is that Mexico will be paying for it,” he told Fox, adding that he has spoken to Pena to find out if Mexico is prepared to pay.

    Mexico has said it will not participate in the negotiations because it has no plans to pay in full for the border wall, and the United Nations says it has not yet determined if it will pay.


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