JERSEY CITY, N.J. — The nation’s fruit industry is on the brink of a crisis after frozen fruit pickers nationwide began protesting their jobs.

    Walgreens announced it was suspending the sale of frozen fruit in the U.S. and in several other states, including Pennsylvania, while retailers such as Target and Walmart announced they would no longer carry fruit.

    Walmart and Target are among the companies that have begun freezing fruit and vegetables in recent weeks.

    The companies say frozen pickers have been working long hours in harsh conditions to pick fruit in cold weather and are underpaid.

    The companies say they will use the money to pay overtime.

    WalMart spokeswoman Stephanie Breen said the company will “evaluate all options” and that it is “working with Walgreens to ensure that employees can resume their normal work schedules.”

    Target spokeswoman Stephanie McCausland said the retailer “will evaluate all options,” and added that “it is a challenging situation for our employees.”

    Target is not the only major retailer that has taken a stand.

    In New York City, restaurants are banning frozen fruit and frozen veggies in their food court.

    The issue has been escalating since late February, when the U,S.

    Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division issued a notice to retailers that their contracts require them to pay tipped workers at least $2.13 per hour.

    Walgreens, Target and other retailers say the $2 per hour wage is an effective rate, and that the wage is not set by the federal government.

    They argue that the $3 per hour minimum wage that the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is set at.

    The dispute began when the Department of Justice issued a memo that outlined the legal requirement for tipped employees to be paid minimum wage.

    A group of fruit picker advocates, including some who work for the International Union of Operating Engineers, a union that represents fruit pickering workers, said that the memo is illegal.

    Wage theft, labor law experts say, is a serious problem.

    It’s a big reason why so many workers lose their jobs in retailing, such as in restaurants and warehouses, and why wages are so low.

    It also has a devastating impact on people’s lives, including when they lose their health care and social safety net.

    It’s a problem that’s particularly severe in rural areas, where many workers are in poverty, and it affects people who are vulnerable to abuse.

    In some cases, it also has an impact on the children.

    The Department of Agriculture recently released a report that found that children who are working in fruit picking are less likely to graduate high school.

    The report found that fruit pickings disproportionately affect communities of color, including poor people and immigrants.

    There are no federal minimum wages in the fruit industry.

    But the U-S Department of the Treasury has made clear that it’s concerned about the wage theft problem.

    Last year, the Treasury issued guidelines that would set a minimum wage at $7.25 per hour and that tipped workers would be eligible for overtime.

    That’s an increase from the $7 per hour the government had previously set.

    The government’s guidance also includes a provision that would require employers to pay all tipped workers a minimum of $2 for every $1 paid to tipped workers.

    The fruit industry says it wants to protect workers, but that the increase in the federal tipped wage is a mistake.

    The industry argues that it has been providing fair wages to workers since the 1950s, when federal law required the tipped wage to be at least the federal hourly rate.

    The growers association, which represents fruit growers, has filed a lawsuit against the Department, saying that it “has failed to comply with its duty to pay wages fairly and equitably.”

    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two of the growers who work at the largest growers in New Jersey, according to the group’s executive director, James M. Hough.

    Wal-Mart spokeswoman Michelle Breen would not say whether the company has reached out to the growers.

    But she said, “We’re actively working to reduce the wage gap in our supply chain to ensure our associates are treated fairly.”

    Target said it has “worked closely with the department to address wage theft issues in the industry.”

    Target and Target also said they will not continue to sell fruit at Walgards stores.

    Target said it will be replacing all its frozen fruit with frozen vegetable and fruit from other retailers.

    Target and Wal-Mart will pay tipped employees $2 more per hour than their hourly wage.

    Target will pay workers $2 less per hour for every dollar tipped.

    Target will pay the difference between the $1 per hour tipped wage and the $6.25 hourly federal minimum for tipped labor.

    Target is also working with the Department to develop a policy to reduce wage theft.

    It said it plans to release a new policy “that will better protect and provide equal pay for our associates, including workers who


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