When do you think we should get the next fruit cocktail or fruit drink?

    If you’re a regular drinker, you probably have some thoughts. 

    But are you thinking about them because you’re feeling guilty?

    If so, you should. 

    Forget the guilt-inducing guilt-reduction cocktail, like a vodka-and-pepper shake.

    There are other, more elegant options. 

    These drinks have a whole other flavour to them. 

    A cocktail that combines the sweet and savoury elements of fruit, a sweet-and sour fruit cocktail. 

    You might be surprised by how delicious fruit cocktails are. 

    How fruit cocktails work There’s a lot of scientific literature that says the fruit in a fruit cocktail can be a source of nutrients, but the science isn’t completely clear about how it works. 

    Drinkers and health experts are trying to figure it out, and it might help to look to fruits. 

    The Australian Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Australian Food and Grocery Council have published research that says fruit juice may help the body get rid of some of the harmful chemicals found in fruits, but that it won’t necessarily make you feel better. 

    It’s possible, though, that your own genes are responsible for what you’re drinking. 

    So is fruit juice safe? 

    If you’re planning to drink a fruit-based beverage, here’s what you should know: For more information about the fruit-juice-containing drinks, including when they are safe to drink, check out the Australian Dietary Guidelines, the Australian Government’s Fruit and Vegetable Guidelines and the National Health and Medical Research Council Fruit and Veg Guidelines. 

    What are fruit drinks? 

    They’re usually fruit-flavoured and flavoured with sugar, but some are also made with fruit. 

    There are a few different types of fruit drinks, but all have a fruity flavour. 

    Most fruit drinks have fruit and vegetable flavouring added to them to add a sweet and sour taste. 

    Some of the more popular fruit drinks include: Coca-Cola: Soft drinks that have fruit flavouring in them.


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