Posted October 14, 2018 06:53:13 When fruit bat and fruit bat fight it in Australia, it can be a bit tricky to tell which is which.

    In a recent video, a group of fruit picker and fruit bats in Queensland took to the air in a fight to determine who was the better fruit bat.

    The fruit bats have become popular in Queensland and other parts of the country in recent years, but it is a dangerous sport for both parties to participate in.

    The two teams compete in a series of competitions over the course of several days, where the winner of each round receives the prize of a free fruit bat, usually a few days of free fruit from the fruit bat owner.

    The fight can last up to two weeks, so the winner has to be on the move and ready to go.

    The video of the fruit bats’ battle goes viral and now, a team of fruit bats are competing in a fruit picking competition in New South Wales.

    The winner of the race will receive a free bat, which is typically a few weeks of free food.

    But it is not all good news for the fruit pickering fruit bats.

    It is a tough sport to watch, as the fruit and fruit picks are dangerous and not very pleasant for both the fruit fly and the fruit beetle.

    But in the end, the fruit flying fruit bats, which are the most common species in Queensland, win.

    They pick fruit on the ground and often find themselves fighting with each other, according to the ABC.

    When fruit flying fruits are involved, it’s usually because the fruit flies have been trying to get to the fruit as quickly as possible and get away before the fruit has time to mature.

    The fighting between the fruit picking fruit bats is usually a good thing, as both sides of the conflict are trying to capture as much fruit as possible.

    If fruit bats can pick fruit, it means they can eat more fruit as well.

    But the fight between the two species can be dangerous and can result in severe injuries to both parties.


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