Here are our picks for the best fruit gum for healthy, balanced eating.


    Blueberry gum (Cocoa butter) – Contains both the B vitamins A, B1 and B2 and a range of healthy fats.

    It’s a fantastic sugar substitute.

    Source: 1/4-ounce bottle of Blueberry Gum (100 calories) (250ml) – This is a good size to use if you have more than 1kg of fruit.

    It will last a long time if you use it every day.

    Buy online.

    2/4 teaspoon of Blueberries (2 grams) – Good for the teeth, a great way to sweeten your drink or smoothie, and a great alternative to chewing gum.

    3/4 cup of Blue Berry Gum (2 tbsp) – It’s great for those who are sensitive to sugar.

    Buy frozen.

    4/4 tablespoon of Blue Fruit Gum (5 grams) (25g) – A bit on the sweet side, but it’s very good for those with sensitive teeth.

    Buy in frozen.

    5/4 ounce Blueberry-Lime Gum (3 grams) – This is not a great sugar substitute, but is good for people with sensitivity to sugar, and has no calories.

    Buy pre-packaged.

    6/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Banana Gum (10 grams) (15g) – Banana Gum is a great choice for those wanting a sweet treat.

    Buy fresh.

    7/4 – 1 tablespoon of Banana Gelatin (10g) (30g)  – This is an excellent sugar substitute for those on sugar.

    Make a batch at the start of the month.

    Buy whole bananas.

    8/4 (2g) of Banana Juice (20g) – If you want a sweet, creamy treat, this is a really good choice.

    Buy raw.

    9/4 teaspoons of Banana Oil (100g) – If you need a lot of flavour and texture, this could be a good choice for your gum.

    Buy it whole.

    10/4 tsp of Banana Cream (10 g) (50g) Buy it fresh.

    11/4  to 1 tablespoon of Bananas (10gm)  (30g)* – Bananas are great as a natural sweetener, and are often used in gum and tea.

    Buy a can of fresh bananas.

    12/4 ounces of Bananas & Almonds (15gm) – Buy it freshly from the garden.

    Buy organic.

    13/4 1/8 teaspoon of Baking Soda (2gm) (20gm)* – A great sugar replacement.

    Buy at the garden, or buy in bulk.

    14/4 drops of Lemon Juice (10ml)  – Buy a bottle and store in the fridge.

    15/4 tbsp of Lemon Gelatin  (15g)*- This has no fat, but tastes great and can be used to add flavour to your drink.

    Buy dried.

    16/4 tablespoons of Lemongrass Juice (15ml) (60g)*- This can be a great treat for those without a sweet tooth.

    Buy ripe.

    17/4 cups of Lime Juice (100ml)* – This really has no sugar, but has no fats, so is great for eating raw or for using as a gel.

    Buy from the market.

    18/4 or 1/6 cups of Lettuce (2kg) – Great for your salad dressing, or fresh off the garden when it’s time to use up the leaves.

    Buy your fresh, fresh from the vine.

    19/4 oranges (20-25g)* – These are great for your juice, as they’re high in vitamin C and are an excellent source of vitamin E. Buy them fresh.

    20/4 cans of Fresh Cucumber Juice (50ml) *- This one’s good for a healthy, sweet treat, but the price is right for the quantity.

    Buy the whole.

    21/4,000g (1.5kg) of Apple Cider Vinegar (10kg) (100gm) *- You can buy this directly from the supermarket, or you can buy a bottle of it at the farm.

    Buy freshly picked.

    22/4 pounds of Carrots (1kg)  (25gm)** – Carrots are high in Vitamin C and potassium, and can help reduce blood sugar levels.

    Buy carrots raw.

    23/4 tomatoes (100-150g)** – You want to buy the ripe variety, not the green variety.

    Buy chopped tomatoes.

    24/4 green onions (10-20g)**- These can be cooked to make a great salad, but are a great source of vitamins A and C. Buy finely chopped, or frozen.

    25/4 slices of Banana (100grams) **- Buy it in fresh from a local market.

    Buy bananas frozen.

    26/4 bananas (500g)


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