A new study has found that the main fruit of passion fruit (or figs) is the most nutritious fruit and that passion fruit is best for a balanced diet, with fruit smoothies being best for people with diabetes and people with weight problems.

    The study found that passion fruits, which contain more than 200 different compounds, are most nutritious when consumed in a smoothie.

    It also found that people with type 2 diabetes are the most likely to have passion fruit as their main fruit.

    The new study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, also found fruit smoothie consumption to be a healthier alternative to a soda or a fruit smooth, although the research was limited to fruit smoothes, and there were few other fruit varieties that were studied.

    Passion fruit contains more than 100 compounds that are used in food processing and fermentation, including anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamin C, lycopene and quercetin.

    Passion fruits are also high in fiber, protein and potassium.

    It was found that a glass of fruit smooth tea contains around 25 per cent of the energy content of a cup of fruit juice, which is higher than a typical smoothie or cup of coffee.

    However, the study also found passion fruit juice was slightly less nutritious than a regular juice.

    It found that fruit smooths were a healthier choice for people who are diabetic, with those with type 1 diabetes consuming the most of the juice.

    People with weight issues are also more likely to drink passion fruit, which contains up to 30 per cent more calories than a fruit juice.

    Passion Fruit Flavoured Fruit Smoothie: 1 cup Passion fruit (Ficus corymbosa)


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