A new fruit that is not necessarily white but rather “light green” has been developed by researchers in India.

    White fruit, which has been growing in the United States for many years, is now being grown in India by a small number of farmers who are trying to make a comeback to the market.

    The fruits are harvested by hand and the fruit is then ground into a powder and stored for several months before being dried.

    This powder is then packaged for transport and sold as “white fruit”.

    India is now the second country in the world to produce white fruit, after the United Kingdom.

    India has a rich culture of indigenous produce, such as bananas and papaya, but there is little to no indigenous produce grown for food.

    A white fruit that does not look like a white fruit would be a very poor product for the food industry because of the lack of genetic diversity in the plant.

    In a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers from the National Institute of Food Technology in Hyderabad and the National Institutes of Health in the US, say the new white fruit has the potential to become a popular and affordable alternative to traditional white fruit.

    “There is a huge market in the western hemisphere for white fruit and in Asia, in particular, for orange and lemon fruits,” said Dr Sanjay Nair, who led the research at NIT-H.

    “We have the opportunity to grow a new product that is inexpensive and that is produced from local produce.”

    White fruit was once the only commercially grown edible fruit in the West.

    The new white produce is made from locally grown vegetables and is the first commercially grown white fruit produced in India, according to the scientists.

    Dr Nair said that the new product was not only a healthier alternative to white fruit but also had the potential for making the product more affordable and more accessible.

    “People can grow white fruit in their homes and also eat it in restaurants,” he said.

    “But we are also talking about it in the supermarket.

    White fruit is more expensive than white fruit.”

    The researchers suggest the new fruit could be used to produce a wide variety of edible white fruit including strawberries, mangoes, avocado, peaches, apples, grapes and even strawberries, pea, apples and bananas.

    “The next step is to make it available in the market, and that means in the grocery stores,” Dr Nair told The Sunday Express.

    “White fruit is not just for people who are vegetarians.

    People can have this fruit in salads or as a dessert.”

    Dr Nray said that if the fruit were to be grown in the country, it could become the most affordable and accessible white fruit available.

    “It is a new crop, and we are still a long way away from being able to make this product in the local market,” he added.

    “We hope to bring this white fruit to India within the next 10 years.”


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