The bat, which lives in forests in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, is known as the fruit bat.

    But unlike most bats, fruit bats have a short, sleek neck and can be easily distinguished from other bats by their black-and-white stripes.

    They also have a long, white tail and a curved tail.

    The fruit bat’s unusual coloring is the result of a genetic mutation that makes its tail, which is often shorter than its body, longer.

    Researchers say the mutation is common among fruit bats.

    In the wild, fruit bat males are nearly exclusively white, and fruit bats are more often seen in green or brown than in yellow.

    But when researchers took a closer look at the fruit bats’ DNA, they discovered that they had a mutation that causes the tails of their body to be longer, which can cause the bat to be nearly indistinguishable from other fruit bats in terms of color.

    The new discovery is the latest in a series of molecular discoveries that have revealed the genetic makeup of fruit bats, and will likely lead to new species.


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