Wal-Mart, one of the world’s largest grocery chains, is taking the lead in a new campaign that’s aimed at helping customers find fruits and vegetables they can trust.

    In its latest campaign, the grocery chain announced it’s starting a new initiative called “Find Your Fruit” to highlight the fruits and veggies that customers like.

    The campaign will help shoppers find the best fruit and vegetables for the home, the office and the grocery store, Wal-Marts website states.

    The campaign will feature the following items:Jelly fruit, mango, cantaloupe, grapefruit, papaya, blackberry, and mango.

    “The goal of the Find Your Fruit campaign is to help customers find fruit and veggies they like and are willing to pay for,” said Wal-mart in a statement.

    “We know that there are many people out there who are searching for quality produce, and we want to help them find what they’re looking for,” Wal-marts spokesperson Rachel Lutz told ABC News.

    In addition to the fruit and vegetable search, the campaign will offer free samples to shoppers.

    “To make finding your favorite fruit and veggie easy, we’ve designed this new feature for our customers, which lets you browse through the selection and see what’s in stock,” Lutz said.

    “Find your favorite veggies, fruit, fruits, vegetables and fruits and all of your favorites.”

    According to Wal-marks website, the company has more than 700 million pounds of fruit and over 30 million pounds, fruits and berries, in stores today.

    In recent years, grocery chains have been trying to find a more diverse customer base.

    They have expanded their offerings and diversified their menus, creating new markets and new product lines, according to Bloomberg.

    Last year, Walmarts launched its new website called “The Whole Pantry,” where shoppers can search through products to find what works for them.

    In the latest campaign for the campaign, Walmans website has added a section that’s focused on the best products to buy, such as walmart fruit, walmart juice, walmarts coffee, and walmart chocolate, as well as its “Coffee and Chocolate” section.


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