The Apple Store is making the employees happier by offering a new Apple app, a fruit bowl, and a fruit-themed coffee.

    The app is called “fruit bowl” and it is designed to bring a new perspective to employees.

    Employees can download the app for free and then take part in a three-hour exercise session with an Apple engineer to help them better understand the product and its capabilities.

    The exercise will take place on a variety of topics, including “how to use the new iPhone 7 to make coffee,” and “what is the best way to clean the Apple logo.”

    The goal is to encourage employees to ask for help and help each other through the exercise.

    The Apple employee who completes the exercise gets a $100 gift card and the employee who doesn’t completes the session gets a cup of coffee for free.

    According to the company, this is one of many perks of participating in the exercise program.

    The company says employees will also be given a new personal brand, Apple’s new “Apple logo,” and a free copy of the app.

    Apple has been in the news recently over its use of an app dubbed “bounty” to reward employees who complete an online survey.

    The app is a “pay-to-win” app where employees can choose to receive rewards for completing surveys.


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