Yuki Fruit Market in Yoko, Japan, will now be known as Yuki Garden in honor of two-month-old Kyosuke’s daughter Yuki.

    The new name was chosen by Yuki’s mother, Miyako, a 30-year veteran of the business.

    Yuki has a small, pink flower that is used to decorate baskets of fruit and vegetables at Yuki Market.

    The young mother told CNN that she had a vision to create a name that was appropriate for the place where Kyosuke grew up.

    She said the word Yuki was fitting for Kyosuke.

    She said she had always liked the flowery words that were written on baskets of fruits.

    The words “Kyosuke, the flower” were written at the top of the basket.

    Miyako said she felt it was fitting to honor the girl and her mother by using the name Yuki, the word for the flower.

    “I am so happy that my daughter is alive,” she said.

    Mari Maki, a 28-year old fruit market employee, said she is glad the name is finally being recognized.

    “My daughter has been here since she was two months old and she loves the fruits, and I can’t wait to see her grow up to be the beautiful Kyosuke we all know and love,” she told CNN.

    The family of Kyosuke is still waiting for the new name to be officially announced.

    The new name will be made available to the public on February 8.


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